music monday presents...

... a GIVEAWAY!!!
{are you excited? i really hope so because i am!!}

you may remember, a while back i posted about a duo called cults. {you can play one of their songs in the player on the sidebar} well, about 5 weeks ago they announced that they'd be selling a limited 400 copies of their 7" single pressed on bright yellow vinyl.
bright. yellow. vinyl. {just in case you didn't catch that before}

just look how delicious the cover is.
i had to have one, and i had a feeling they would sell out fast. they did. but i got mine. holla.
i'd read that they wouldn't ship til around the 20th of april, so there was a lot of waiting involved... waiting is hard for a gal who never got so good at being patient.
still working on that one.
i checked the letter box each day, even though i knew it wouldn't be there. but then... last tuesday, i checked the box and there it was. i came undone. smiles were leaping right off my face as i feverishly tore apart the envelope as if a 5 million dollar check was inside.
i got it open and it was even more beautiful in person than i hoped it would be. and the vinyl was yellow. so yellow. this led to more acrobatic smiles.
i put it right on the turntable and it sounded like perfection. even more smiles. my face started to hurt. we played it over and over and over. and smiled and sang and danced all over the house.
it was good.

{this is the part where i get to the giveaway}
... wednesday, i checked the letter box just out of habit i suppose and what to my absolute surprise, there was another one!!! i thought it was a mistake, a happy accident if you will... they'd shipped it to me twice, lucky me. but in fact what had happened was somebody else wanted me to have this record just as much as i wanted me to have it. they bought it for me the very same night i bought it for myself, and had it shipped to my house hoping it would arrive in time for my birthday, which it did. isn't that a kick in the pants?

so... now i have two. and keeping them both, though oddly tempting, would be greedy and weird.
{this is where you come in}
leave a comment on this post and you'll be automatically entered to win this...
... and a few other treasures for extra charisma.
if you'd like to up your chances at winning, you can also blog about the giveaway and leave a link to your post in a comment -and/or- tell me your 3 favorite songs/bands/musicians {you choose} of the moment -and/or- be a follower of this blog.
4 ways to enter in all. you have until sunday, may 9th at midnight and i'll announce the winner on monday. 
{i'm so excited!!}


    like so much!!!
    and that fact that i just got a record player makes everything so much better!!!
    i gotta start building up my vinyl collection!
    plus the cover is fantastic!
    wishing with all my might to win this!
    and crossing my fingers too for extra luck!

  2. favorite bands/artists??

    sufjan stevens!!

    vampire weekend

    animal collective

    oh goodness its so hard to name just three!!
    {okay bummer.. i'm like the first posts. and they never win.. but i couldn't wait to enter!}

  3. Hello :)
    I would love to enter! The cover is a piece of art in and of itself

  4. Favorite artists? I do love my mellow music and could listen to Norah Jones, Jack Johnson and Sia endlessly :) Thank you for the chance!

  5. cool giveaway!
    i blogged about it.

  6. I love this vinyl so much!

  7. three fave bands/songs:

    1. the xx

    2. born ruffians

    3. bon iver

  8. This is me, entering. :D

  9. Oh, and my three favorite bands at the moment are in no particular order, Metric, Cary Ann Hearst, and New Young Pony Club.

  10. 1. Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
    2. I Can See the Pines are Dancing by A.A. Bondy
    3. These Old Shoes by Deer Tick

  11. Fun! I'm loving Yeasayer right now, and I'm still stuck on Bon Iver, but Neutral Milk Hotel will always be a favorite!


  12. mmmmmm-yellow vinyl-very nice! Now I want to hear it.

  13. Yellow, unique, so very cool.

  14. Gorgy cover for sure... finally got around to commenting.

    And hrmm... fave bands... I'm a bit rubbish with music butttt if I were to choose based on songs that are rocking then:

    The Arcade Fire
    TV on the Radio
    and an oldie but awesome

  15. Gah, the yellow!! Oh goodness, I love it and I love what I've heard of these two.

    Top 3 favourites at the moment....
    Joanna Newsom
    Velvet Underground
    Jana Hunter

  16. Anddddddd... http://redheadeddevilchild.blogspot.com/2010/05/happy-music.html


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