music monday

this weeks message comes fully equipped with a brand new blog feature. start the music player in the sidebar to listen to "go outside" by cults. i swear, the sun will come out if you play this song. or you'll at least feel like the sun came out.
unless you spend an unhealthy amount of your time (no, of course i don't) at pitchfork, there's a good chance you haven't yet heard of cults.
"There's more information on the wrapper of a candy bar than there
is on the Internet about Cults. The band's got an un-Googleable name
and no MySpace page in sight."
~Larry Fitzmaurice, pitchfork review

i can tell you 3 things about cults:
1) pitchfork gave the song "go outside" a 9!!!
2) they have released a 7" with 3 really great songs on it
3) here's the icing... you can download all 3 songs FOR FREE on their bandcamp page.

1 comment:

  1. I think your music mondays will open my eyes (ears?) and definitely expand my horizons. Hooray! The Cults are great.


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