knitting patterns

mary jane




tree jacket

rusted root

ms. marigold


  1. Hi Sarah,
    Nancy from Pretty Little Thieves introduced me to your site - I love it so much! I am also a knitting addict, but from what I see here, I have nothing on you! - These patterns look scrumptious, I look forward to trying to make some of them someday very soon!
    Thought you might like to know that I like your blog so much, I wrote about it on my blog :) If you fancy having a peek check it here
    Keep up the great work!
    Katie. xxx

  2. hi sarah!
    you have a lovely blog and i would really like to try one of your knitting patterns because i've just started knitting and am curious to learn more. well, maybe first i should finish my scarf and first piece that i ever knitted ;)
    i wish you a nice day and please keep up your creative work!

  3. This is good. Really, really good. Im just sayin.....


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