aren't you glad to be alive?!!

it's a spectacularly beautiful spring day in portland. one of those extraordinary days where the air smells sweeter and the colors are brighter and people are radiant... the best kind of day. i went for a walk/jog to the hardware store to pick up a paintbrush and on my way home i was stopped by a lovely and rather petite elderly woman. she was walking slowly in one direction, i was walking quite quickly in the other. she reached out for my hand and said to me with more more excitement than a small child on christmas morning, "aren't you glad to be alive?" in that moment, she made all of the sad and hard and stress go away and i looked at her with the most enormous smile stretched across my face and replied "YES, i really am!!!" then she smiled, and we both continued walking. i'll probably never see her again, but i'm certain i'll never forget her.


  1. She was an dragonfly messenger...she was where she was by design. I call moments like that "dragonfly moments", those are the things that happen because you need them to right at that very moment! If you are paying attention, you see them...the dragonflies, and if you aren't, you don't. She is flying around right now in another shape, looking for another beautiful girl who needs a wing tickle!!

  2. Monica that was adorable!

    great pics. I posted yesterday involving cherry blossoms and here you are in a cherry blossom spell too. Great pics and so glad you had a special day/moment.

  3. Awesome pictures! And beautiful story--what a nice moment. Where I live now there are no seasons but I'm a Michigander and I miss that strong happiness that comes with the change.


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