all i can think about is babies.

i would like one of these please...
... it's a hand-knit baby!!! really i must have one.

my not-so-little little brother {he'd outgrown me by the time he was 10} and his wife welcomed a new baby girl to their family today. this makes me auntie to four now. two nieces and two nephews.
meet rowynn.
six pounds, fifteen ounces. nineteen inches long. ten fingers, ten toes. perfectly delicious and she looks so much like my brother did as a baby.
i can't wait to meet her. i want to go now. i wish i could.

i could use a good long cuddle with a tiny baby.

my babies are miniature adults.
so independent. and smart.
and fashionable...
and sweet...
and beautiful...
and wonderfully weird...
they're so grown up. it happened fast. everyone tells you it will, they're not kidding around. it does.
what i wouldn't give to hold baby d & e in my arms again.
quick, someone get me a baby.


  1. I know, and then you start to tell them that "they may be this big now, but you knew them when they were..." and then I stop. Because big adults used to say that to me all the time and I swore I'd never tell kids about them as babies.

    Yes it always slips up :)

  2. funny how that works!
    just this morning i was telling d that i've been thinking a lot about how tiny she used to be, and it makes it hard to believe she is so big now. i said "you're like a grown up now!" and she replied " you ARE a grown up mom!" :)
    good point.

  3. those are the cutest kids on the planet, and that is the sweetest picture of Sweet Laney D i have ever seen!! i miss those girls so much!! love, yaya


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