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you may recognize these from one of my recent posts about treasures that make me consider robbing a bank so i can buy them all. i am smitten by the way she uses line and color to create the most captivating patterns and figures. she inspired me to give watercolors a try. nancy mungcal is the creative genius behind this enchanting artwork. and i learned straight away that she is as genuinely kind and thoughtful as she is brilliantly creative. she sent me a gift unlike anything i have ever received. an original painting, a birthday gift, made just for me. it couldn't possibly suit me better. she has yarn for hair!!! i am in love with this painting and cannot wait to find the perfect frame to house it in and the perfect space on my wall to display it. a thousand thank you's nancy, you made my birthday brighter.


  1. I love these drawings too! Another favorite Etsy seller.

  2. yay! thank you so much for the super kind words about my work and for sharing it here. i'm really happy that you love your painting!

  3. Oh these drawings are awesome! and the one with yarn hair is absolutely perfect!

  4. Yarn for hair indeed! Pure genius. Thanks for sharing these.


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