bare with me...

...i'm a few posts behind, so i'm gonna mash 'em all together.

the original plan was to follow this post with a series of posts about all the sweetness i've been experiencing lately, but i got distracted by all the sweetness and then it was my birthday... so this will have to do.

i recently received a very charming looking bag of homemade chai tea as a gift. it smelled so incredible i wanted to eat it and wear it and sprinkle it all over the house so that everything would smell that good. i resisted all of the above and brewed a cup instead, and the taste was every bit as delicious as the aroma. look how beautiful it is...
homemade gifts are the sweetest kind.

it's been raining and raining and raining here for days and days and days. it's the nw, it's why everything is so pretty, you get used to it, and you go to the park anyway, and it's FUN!
you can use your jacket to keep your bum dry while sliding.

and take surprisingly awesome photos with your cell phone.

playing outside is oh so sweet.

the night before my birthday, i fell asleep to the sound of things clanking and crashing in the kitchen... i just assumed the boys were making a midnight snack. but when i woke up the next morning, this was on the table...
isn't it the most miraculous birthday cake you've ever ever seen?!! it's the very same camille rose garcia owl i have tattooed on my shoulder {except mine is not crying, but this is true to the original artwork}
what sweet boys. and the frosting... soooooo sweet.

i recently posted about a giveaway that tille over at shewaitsforwhispers was doing and i was one of the lucky winners!! this was unexplainably exciting to me, and then i received this bundle of treats and i was all squealy and smiley and bouncing off the walls.

this terribly fun package arrived at my house on my birthday, how sweet is that?!

more birthday loot. i like owls, can ya tell??

and get a load of this! my momma ordered me my very own pair of these...
they'll be here in a few weeks and i am on pins and needles.
it was a very sweet week. 
{there's actually more, but i'm saving it for later}


  1. That's a damn impressive cake! I've iced 5 birthday cakes in my life and all of them have been absolute freaking rubbish. I'm in awe!

    You've got some rad friends and stuff.

  2. Wow!! I thought I spoiled you, but it turns out LOTS of people think your spoil worthy!! So glad you are having a fun birthday!! XOXO Mommy

  3. What a fun special event list! Glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday week. THAT CAKE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!


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