oh what fun.

at first, she didn't want me taking photos.
wouldn't hold still or look at the camera.

then she warmed up.

it was her best birthday ever.
i told her she was a whole hand old and her smile jumped right off her face and danced across the room.

she loves putting on make-up and polishing her fingernails. only wears skirts and dresses. her favorite movies are whip it, baby mama and charlie's angels. she likes to listen to tegan and sara, lisa loeb, the beatles and the pixies. she wears her heart on her sleeve. she's independent and strong willed. she marches to the beat of her own brightly colored, miss-matched, adventurous drum. she is loved.

5 year olds don't get any better than this smelly little squirrel.


  1. Bryar reminds us of Elliot sometimes... So much fun. I'm glad she had a good birthday :)

  2. I got all teary at these pictures... she's so huge and beautiful. So much has changed since our bugs were babies. Not that i didn't expect life to change and move but wow... it's been beyond unpredictable!

    You're a good momma. happy elliot anniversary momma.

  3. thank you :)

    so much has changed, so much unpredictable change. i can remember when they were 2, 16 & 28 months old like it was yesterday... and now they're 5, 6 & 7... how is that even possible?!?!!! and when will it all s l o w down???

  4. it wont....your supposed to only be 5...


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