Let's get fresh...

... {wink}
tonight i was treated to a screening of the film FRESH at the hollywood theater here in portland. it was wonderful. informative. inspiring. important. made me wish i had a farm of my own. 

the film is about the importance, do-ability and economic sustainability of making our food system work better for humans, animals and the planet. it focuses on solutions and possibilities, highlights farmers, innovators and thinkers across the country who are bringing positive change to the table {a little pun for ya}. it was empowering. i could be doing more, and it matters. every little bit makes a difference.

the film will be showing tomorrow evening at the hollywood theater, 7:15 and 9:30 pm, tickets are $8 and if you can go, GO! the director of the film, Ana Sofia Joanes, is attending the screenings here which is very exciting. she stuck around and answered questions after the show tonight, and i imagine she'll do the same tomorrow.
if you're not in portland {click here} to view possible screenings near you.

visit www.freshthemovie.com for loads of great information.

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