music monday presents...

... urban outfitters LSTN #9

not my favorite, this one.
it's mostly just noise, and not in a good way.
but there are a few tracks worth having...
and they're FREE!

below you can listen to the 6 songs i like. enjoy.
Create a playlist at MixPod.com

hey! i would love to hear what you think about this music, or music in general, or anything really.


  1. Your my music go to girl!! Good stuff! Love your face off!

  2. I've not commented before but I totally look forward to Music Mondays here. I discover some great stuff. So far, I like what I'm listening to from your UO mix.

  3. I just posted my current playlist in honor of poetry month because after all songs are poetry set to music ;) Currently loving and listening to Imogen Heap, Lykke Li, Death Cab for Cutie, Regina Spektor, and MGMT to name a few!

  4. Surfer Blood are actually from my neck of the woods, South Florida. And nothing good music-wise comes form here! My husband has had the pleasure of interviewing them a few times, too. They will make it big, we think!


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