we love us some finger knitting!

first things first... last Tuesday we jumped over to our local yarn store Twisted for knit night! We had a great time and met some very cool new friends. We will be back (unfortunately not tonight) very soon. After that we zipped over for a beer with a few of the knit night knitters. We had fun chatting a bit more and the subject of if we have taught our girls to knit came up. We told them that our girls are very interested in knitting but aren't able to handle the needles quite yet. Wil (thanks Wil) suggested that we try finger knitting with them. So yesterday Sarah sat down with her oldest Delaney and gave it a go. Well let me tell you!!!! She loved it... learned very fast and is doing a fabulous job. So I guess Zephyr just added our first employee... welcome to the family business miss Lou!

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  1. Yay for fingerknitting! I'm glad that Delaney liked it so much. We missed you both at QK on Sunday at at Knit Knite tonight, and hope we'll see you soon. Now that we've met you, you can't deny us our access to Knit Famous people such as yourselves. :D


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