a little surprised...

and maybe disappointed too.

we thought it was a no-brain-er. breast cancer is a huge issue that effects everyone in one way or another. everyone's heard of the Susan G. Komen foundation, they've been making amazing things happen for years. we live in portland, and portland is an amazing place full of amazing people. we planned ahead, we tried to make it fun and exciting... we thought we'd get an overwhelming response, more team members and donations than we'd know what to do with. sadly this is not the case.

I've participated in the race for the cure before and it was one of the most amazing, memorable days of my life. it restored my faith in humanity. seeing thousands upon thousands of people come together for one cause is enough to bring a grown man to tears, I saw it happen. hearing other peoples stories, sharing yours, being a part of someone else's journey... I genuinely can't think of anything I would rather do on a sunday morning. I'll be walking for my Grandma Renee and my Cousin Denise, both are breast cancer survivors, and for everyone else who's been touched directly or indirectly by breast cancer or may one day be.

If you think you have time or just plain changed your mind and want to join us you only have 2 days left before it's too late (see the countdown in our sidebar).
You can click here to Join our team!!! You do actually have to follow our link which will direct you to our page on the Komen site and then: 
1: click to join team
2: choose the option that reads "adult untimed walking and running events" and then click "next step"
3: Follow the instructions to complete your registration.
You can register your family members at the same time you register yourself if you'd like to bring along spouses, children, siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents... you could bring anyone! You just have to register by August 29th!!!
Thank you to those of you who have joined and donated so far, we are so excited to meet those of you who will be participating!!!


  1. WOW!!! We have two new members to our team who joined in the last hour. Thanks so much Melissa and Melody!

  2. ok, just registered. I'm excited to walk with you!

  3. I'm participating in the Breast Cancer 3-day event in San Francisco (NEXT WEEKEND! OMG). It's my first walk like this, and I'm nervous and excited, but I know it will be tons of fun. I'd love to donate to you, but I can't until after my walk. I've been spending all my money on getting camping stuff for the two nights I get to spend in a tent. lol. Anyway, will you still be taking donations around the 8th, or will it be too late by then? ps - love your designs! :)

  4. I wish I lived closer but I'm all the way in CT! I will be doing a Breast Cancer walk next month here though!! :)

  5. Ok Sarah, now your "dad" is registered!! He will be flying in all the way from SALT LAKE CITY to walk with you cute girls!! Wish I could come too...Love you to the sky and back and back!!

    Her Royal Highness, Your Mother.


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