we're all a little exhausted...

there has been an awful lot of non-zephyr related stuff going on in zephyr land lately. we got busy, the kiddos got sick, the stress started building... and we just pooped out.
But we're back and everyone's well and we want to give a BIG shout out to all of the fabulous people that pulled through at the last minute to join us for the race for the cure! We are ridiculously excited!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
Just in case there is anyone left that still wants to join here's what you can do:
Since the online team registration was shutoff on August 29th, all additional participants will need to register as individuals. Anyone who missed the deadline can still run or walk with a team, they simply need to register as an individual participant and pickup their t-shirt, bib, and pin at Will Call at either the Health Expo or on Race day. So, if you register and want to hang out with us, just let us know and we'll add your name to our team roster!
It's gonna be FUN!!!

photo: this is Sarah's kitty, Milo, doing what he does best.


  1. so, 4 days til the big flight to Portland to walk in the race with you, and your dads already packing!! He is getting his hair cut today "so he will look pretty for Matt"...uhhhhm I dont even know what to say to that!! anyway, he is so excited to see you girls and keeps telling everyone he is going to Portland to be a "breast supporter". Makes him kinda sound like a BRA doesnt it? Hahahaaa...XOXOXO Mom

  2. Aww...Milo is so cute. i miss him. I miss you to RaRa and I miss Fatty and laney and Smelly, and Garfield to. Love ya


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