5 reasons you should come hang out with us on Sept. 21st


1. Chances are you or someone you know has breasts and likes them and wishes for them to stay healthy.
2. You get to spend the day in our truly fantastic city, meeting new people, and sparking new friendships.
3. You'll get a little exercise, which will make you happy & healthy & awesome!
4. We promise we'll be fun & cool like the cartoon versions of us, and not creepy... and we won't bite, most likely...
5. Karma, just think of all the good karma! Plus, imagine how guilty you'll feel on Sept. 22nd if you didn't come join us... how could you live with yourself...

Come on portland-ers, don't let us down! There's only 10 days left to officially join our team, don't make us beg... it's not pretty!

p.s. we WILL be wearing shirts, not holding balls of yarn in front of our boobs... in case that was making you nervous.


  1. sounds like fun! wish i could come- but i am allllll the way in South Africa :)
    hope all goes well and expecting to read about it here soon

  2. ok sarah, you talked me in to it!!I will fly out and walk the walk with you guys!!!Butttttttttttt!your boyfriend has to keep his shirt on this time!!!paps

  3. I just stumbled here from Ravelry. I love the blog ::adds to feed:: You guys have wicked great senses of humor and you work it well with your words. :) Thanks for the great reads!


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