i'm still here...

... and still unpacking. the length of time it is taking us to get settled in has officially become ridiculous. but in our defense it is summertime and there's fun to be had, plus life and busy-ness keeps getting in the way. we'll be settled in someday. here are a few things we have done at our new place this past week:



{1} i claimed a space in the cupboard for our tea cups & coffee mugs. the hooks are for my most favorite ones. {2&3} the squirrels took a bath in the new claw-foot tub, and they loved it! {4} we built some drawer units for extra storage under my desk. storage is something that our new place is lacking, we're really having to exercise our creativity to find a place for everything. {5&6} we finally graduated from the "ordering pizza every night during the move because there's no possible way to cook and there's no time to leave the house" stage of moving to the "cooking meals in our new tiny but awesome kitchen" stage. 

and here are a few things we've done not at our new place this past week:


{1} we ventured down the street to the belmont food carts and ate the world's best french fries (i mean it) at lardo. {2} i rested my exhausted and aching self on a very pretty blanket while the kiddos played at a nearby park. {3&4} we took the squirrels out on a boat for the very first time! they had so much fun, can't wait to do it again.

oh, we also went to movie madness the other day and stayed practically all afternoon. what an amazing place and right down the street from our apartment. not only does it have every single film, television series, music video, documentary, etc. ever made, it's a film history museum full of costumes and props from the movie (not replicas). so awesome.

it's been a pretty good week. i sure do hope the sun comes out to play this weekend!


  1. Wow! What a relief!! Was worried you might not be...lol...as always, the world through your eyes is beautiful! Cant wait to come see your new place! I love your face....

  2. The pictures of the girls are so cute!! And those red stacked storage shelves are so fun!!

  3. I love the images! Great work...


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