did i mention...

... that our new place is right up the street from slappy cakes? cause it totally is. like, we could walk there easy. the photos below are from our first morning at the new place. there were way too many boxes in the kitchen (and also no food) to cook, and we felt like celebrating our first day here. so, we had a family breakfast date at our favorite breakfast place.

we were meant to live here, there is no doubt about it. that last photo is of my drink that morning. it's called an ambrosia and it was the best drink ever. house-made coconut vodka, hibiscus syrup, fresh squeezed oj and bubbles (champagne), yummmmmm!!!


  1. OK, I've got to get to this place! It's just sick and wrong that I've never been!

  2. My good friend Miriam works here:) I'm glad you liked it... isn't it fun!?

  3. nice idea. yum text, delicious font


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