breakfast date with squirrels

we went to slappy cakes on belmont. it's one of our most favorite places.
each table has a built-in griddle for a make-your-own-pancake experience.

this makes us very smiley.

mimosa?? don't mind if i do!

more happy pancake smiles.

tiny pancakes are our favorite to make and to eat!

this is me, so full of zucchini pecan pancakes that i just might burst!

mmmmmmm, can't. stop. eating.

if you haven't been to slappy cakes, you must go! it's fun and delicious!!
there are loads of batter/mix-ins/toppings/syrup options (both savory & sweet) on the menu.
any fresh produce that can be is grown organically, on site in the slappy cakes garden.
they use local and regional vendors whenever possible.
and they compost all of the food waste from the kitchen.
i love this place!


  1. Why cant we have really cool places like that here??? So fun!! Yummm!!!

  2. "you've never been to slappy cakes?!!!!"

    That's what people keep saying to me...
    guess you would too. ;)

    Ok already! I'll go!!
    tee hee

    how fun!!!
    they looks delicious!
    i want to go!
    always.. i am def making pancakes for breakfast tomorrow hahah!

  4. Makes me wish I could scoop up the grand daughter and take her....

  5. I wish we would have known about this place when we were in Portland-I love making crazy shaped pancakes!

  6. sounds like a group date to slappy cakes is in order!
    bring your friends, we'll meet up at my place and all go together :)

    julie, I wish i'd known you when i lived in salt lake city!!!


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