there is no way around it. everything that was packed up has to be unpacked now that it's here in our new place. moving has really brought to our attention how much stuff we have. too much. as i'm unpacking i keep having these little daydreams of selling nearly everything, moving into an airstream trailer and taking this show on the road. sounds exciting, no?! though i have to admit, unpacking all of these boxes is a little exciting too. getting all settled in to this new place that we are loving the crap out of so far, it's pretty fun. a lot of work, but fun. we've hardly made a dent in the mess that is unpacking yet, but the silverware drawer is done! and this afternoon my sweet friend erin and her two kiddos came over to visit and brought us our very first housewarming gift. isn't it pretty?!! i know just where to put it.

the yard sale was a success, we were able to find new homes for everything we were offering and the best news, i kept my pretty sofa! turns out i had room for it after all. we loaded up the last few things from the old house, cleaned it up good and left the keys last night. that was a little hard. walking through it for the last time i became pretty emotional, i found myself touching every countertop, window sill and railing one last time. i stood in the empty living room and had a good cry, remembering all the fun and roommates and changes that we've had there. driving away was hard, it was my favorite house and i will miss it. good thing i'm so in love with this new place and looking forward to all the fun and goodness to come.

better get back to it, these boxes aren't gonna unpack themselves.


  1. *passes tissue* Awe. You get to keep the memories even if you're not keeping the house, right?

    I love unpacking and find a place for everything. It's such a satisfying task.

  2. i am really happy to see that you kept your pretty sofa:)


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