let's go to the park!

we had a very fun & eventful first week of spring break.
with the house on the market we are constantly getting kicked out of the house for
hours at a time so it can be shown to prospective buyers. this is terribly inconvenient.
what do you do with 3 little squirrels, that doesn't cost a fortune when you can't be home
and the weather doesn't accommodate playing outside?

you play outside anyway!
and if you're lucky like we were this past week, the sun might even sneak out a time or two
so you can take your jacket off and run even faster!

we also got to see tangled at the bagdad for $1 per ticket,
built stuff with marshmallows,
pulled a tooth,
camped out on the living room floor,
ate lunch at laughing planet,
baked tiny cornbread,
went treasure hunting at value village,
had birthday ice cream (the best in the whole world) with uncle jesse,
and went grocery shopping, twice.

these girls were born to play together, best-est friends and if you ask them they'll
tell you they're sisters. it's pretty wonderful.


  1. oh my gosh! Teary happy goodness!!!! You're the best spring break camp EVER! She had so much fun! Thanks! ; )


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