the de-sarah-fication process has commenced.

the fella and i were sans kiddos last night and after eating our most favorite dinner
at our most favorite place, we decided it might be a good idea to start getting
organized/prepared for our upcoming move (even though we don't know when it is).

we started by deconstructing the living room wall: 
first we took everything down, then removed tons of nails and screws,
then patched tons of holes and finally re-painted the wall.



it looks sad to me now.
when i sent a few photos to my mom she said, "you de-sarah-fied it!"

here are a few close-ups of what used to hang on the wall.
it was all pretty wonderful.

{click on images for a closer look}


  1. Oh, how sad! It was lovely before. The things you have to do to sell a house. :P

  2. i know! i get a little sad now every time i walk through the living room.

  3. oh...how many times have we packed up our lives and moved on? Think of it as an exciting new beginning! I can hardly wait to see how you arrange your pretty things to mark your territory at the new place...so fun!
    I love your face....Mommy

  4. oh my GOODNESS goodness goodness! the "before" wall is gorgeous! i'm sure you'll make a beautiful new "sarah-fied" wall in your new home :)
    when i finally have a house where i can put nails in the walls a wall like that is deefffinitely going to up and running!

  5. oh! ha i just noticed the way you made the thermostat part of the art wall.. very clever!

  6. oh yay! I'm so glad someone noticed the thermostat, that is the thing that started it all, the reason behind turning that wall into a giant art collage.

  7. oh that wall was the BEST. we have a giant fuse box that needs camoflauge, i'm going to study your layout...

    you will make another!


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