hey, remember february?

ummm, no. not really.
well, wait. there was valentines day, that was fun. i remember that.
oh, and there was that one 24 hours where despite being sicker than 
i have ever been sick, ever! i patched holes, touched up paint, cleaned,
organized and de-junked the entire house so it could be photographed
and put on the market for sale. so i guess i remember that too...
but the rest is a blur.

we have been so sick.  f  o  r  e  v  e  r.
it started with smelly, in the last week of january. it was like the spawn of
the flu and a terrible chest cold. a week in, she still had it and so did sweet d.
coughing, congestion, high fevers, aches, pains, exhaustion, restlessness.
this went on another week or so, then things started looking up.
we were feeling a little better, enough so that we even ventured out.
we were able to make it school for 2 days that week. and then came valentines
day, we had big plans and apart from me waking that morning without my
voice, things were looking good.

well, i made it to dinner time with no complaints apart from my missing
voice when all of a sudden, much like a ton of bricks, i was overcome by this
chest cold/flu hybrid and more than once i mistook it for the cold hand
of death shoving me mercilessly from this life.
(was that dramatic enough? i was going for very dramatic. seriously, it was bad.)

about 5 days into it for me, i start to feel better... out of necessity i think as both
of the girls had got it AGAIN!!! you can't be a sick mama squirrel when your
little squirrels are sick. you just can't, even when you actually are.
it's been a month now, that one or the other of us has been ill. we are
so so very sleepy and stir crazy and ready to be better. i'm nearly there, though
still cannot find my voice. smelly is nearly there as well, just a few little coughs
throughout the day. sweet d still has a little way to go. she is mostly better during
the day but it all falls apart at night. we just want one full nights sleep.
pretty please?!!

**the photo above is our nest. we built it out of quilts, cushions and pillows in the
front corner of our living room so we would have a quiet, comfy, pretty place where we could
rest or calm down or read a book or feel less cranky about being sick. we've been spending
an awful lot of time in the nest these days. so glad we have it.**


  1. Sorry to hear you've all been so sick. It sounds miserable. Hopefully winter leaves soon and takes all it's stupid viruses with.

  2. yes, we really hope so!! thank you :)


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