happy valentine's day

we made heart-shaped scones for breakfast,
and have plans to love the crap out of each other all day.

we also have plans to make more paper heart ornaments,
and valentine collages for the grandmas & grandpas,
then later the squirrels have a friend coming over to play,
drink tea, decorate sugar cookies and eat homemade-
heart-shaped pizza for dinner!!

it's gonna be the best valentines day ever.

{here's a little extra sweetness: yesterday smelly came home from a walk to the park with a bouquet of daisies she'd picked from the grass. she handed them to me and said "here mama, these are for you and jake because you're in love." my heart did a cartwheel.}


  1. Oh la la! So pretty. so yummy. : )

    Thanks for including lu in the squirrely v day fun!

  2. aw, hope it was a great day!


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