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it snowed today in portland. twice.

it wasn't much, but it was ours.
and the sun was shining all afternoon.
it felt wonderful to be outside.
we built a tiny snowman on the deck and a small snowman in the yard.
we used nearly all of the snow we had, but then more came later
so the yard looks pretty again.


  1. The mini snowman is absolutely fantastic! I love that you had to rake the yard free of snow in order to build any sort of snowman at all, and the grass underneath is still green! :-)

  2. Ohhh! Another post! I've been waiting. ; )
    Great snowman squirrels!!!

  3. and 2 posts in one day, no less! ;)

    the snowmen turned out to be great cheer-er uppers, and we needed that after all the sickness!!!


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