i've been oh, so quiet...

... but life has been quite the opposite.

i nearly went mad as well as losing many-a-nights sleep
knitting gifts in november and december. 
(i have almost no photographic proof of this which makes me sad)
it seems i'll never learn to start earlier in the year,
the procrastinator in me always wins.
i had the most fun knitting washcloths with recycled cotton,
they all turned out so pretty and useful.
i also knit beer huggies and regular hats and gnome hats
and this sweater for sweet d's 8th birthday.

we spent the first 2 weeks of december in utah,
visiting my family for the first time in two years. 
(i'll post more about that later, lots of photos to share!)
it was such a wonderful visit. we went to see the nutcracker ballet,
for the first time ever, and it was even more beautiful and entertaining
than we imagined it would be.

when we got home we celebrated sweet d's birthday.
8 is big (even though she's little) and very grown up!

we had 2 thanksgivings and 4 christmases,
all packed with so much goodness and so many wonderful people.
we decorated our christmas tree with mostly hand made ornaments and garlands,
and used a new thrifted ($4) afghan as a tree skirt.

jake's grandparents gave us tickets to see the radio city rockettes
live show for christmas, and that was an experience we will never forget.
so much fun!!!
we watched movies and made art and played with friends and baked a lot.
i blew out a tire on my car and had to replace all four.
we had a quiet but lovely new years. i went with my friend to get her first tattoo!
i started reading a new book that i'm really loving,
and i haven't stopped knitting washcloths yet.

i think we did a pretty good job of finishing up two thousand ten.
in true procrastinator fashion i hadn't quite caught on to the idea
that it is no longer two thousand ten, but better late than never i suppose...

happy two thousand eleven (10 days late)!


  1. I luv'd Water For Elephants! Still finishing my Xmas knitting, but put a deadline of Jan 25 to shoot for...I always resolve to start early too...never happens.

  2. Wow! That's a lot to squeeze into two months! Glad to see you're back! Happy 2011!


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