i felt like i was six again today...

... and it was exactly what i needed.

thank you makenzie, mikayla, riley, amy, jake, elliot and delaney for
a perfect afternoon.

delaney, i'm so glad you started throwing leaves at us today!


  1. What a joyful experience!
    Haven't seen much posting from you, since feeling like six? Have you begun a new journey?
    Miss your posts.
    Hope all is well, and that holiday season just has you very busy.
    Happy New Year!

  2. I love our life together.

    (but i do wish you would post more)

  3. barbara ann,

    thank you so much for the comment and the care. my life seems like one new journey after another lately. so many changes happening. but they're good, even when they're hard. the holidays had me very busy and i'm struggling to get caught up with regular life... but it'll happen!

    happy new year to you and thank you for checking in!


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