i would wear this every day forever.


or at least most days forever.
and i want these moccasin boots so bad i might cry.

i've decided to try out a few new things on the blog...
one of my goals this year is to take more photos. to help me do so i'm going to try to post one photo every day. some may be photos i find elsewhere that inspire me, but i'll try to make most of them photos that i took. i am also going to try to post a weekly knitting update, with what i've worked on during the week plus photos. this blog used to be all about knitting and i'm going to bring a little of that back!

starting tomorrow.


  1. Really enjoyed this post!
    Love the moccasin boots too!
    Love,love, love everything in the Hush catalog. Have you ever ordered from them?
    Glad you are able to get back to talking about knitting on your blog.

  2. I can never seem to pull off the "comfortable" look without looking like I'm wearing pajamas, or homeless... I think my height might have something to do with it. I adore the way it looks on others!

  3. happy new year sarah! i need that scarf and those moccasin boots!


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