best trick ever...

i've had a nasty chest cough for at least 2 weeks now.
we all have it.
it's the worst.
i hadn't slept in days because at even the hint of laying down my body would go into some sort of hysterical coughing/choking fit. i was getting desperate for rest and crankier by the minute... started to wonder if this cough was in fact pure evil and an exorcism was the only way out...?

the other night my friend tracie called, just to say hello and offer up a little sanity saving advice, "just rub a little vicks on your feet sarah" (she assured me it wasn't intended to improve the respiratory function of my toes, rather it should keep the cough at bay).

i was too delirious to question how this could possibly work, i just went for it... and i slept wake-less-ly all night.

i still have the cough, so it's magical powers are limited, but i've been sleeping so we'll all live to see another day. 

*the photo above is a pretty new tea cup i thrifted and the tea that didn't soothe my throat whatsoever.


  1. I KNEW Vicks had magical properties!! I cant live without it. Sorry the tea didn't work its a pretty package though!! Thats really all that matters....Love your face...Momma

  2. Hope you're feeling better by now.
    I'm at the same situation - cold with a nasty chest cough... Luckily I'm sleeping quite good just feeling very very low. I'll try your trick tonight!

    Have a great weekend!!

  3. did you try it?? i hope it worked for you too! I've been using it on my 5 year old this past week and it's working wonders for her, so great!!

    hope you're feeling better and enjoying the weekend!


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