music monday presents...

... spanish sahara. a new track and hauntingly gorgeous video from foals.

i love this band a forever kind of love. i saw them play live for the first time in seattle a few years ago at a sub pop new talent release event. after waiting outside 2+ windy, rainy hours when the doors were supposed to be open, we finally got inside to what was one of the worst venues i've ever been to, where we still had to wait another hour for the opener to start playing, who by the way continues to hold the title of the absolute worst band i've ever seen or heard... but foals. they were spectacular. and so. much. fun. and incredibly friendly and lovely to talk to. made the whole night worth it. i've seen them a few times since here in portland and in colorado. i hope they make it back to the u.s. soon. if they do, you should go see them!!

spanish sahara is on their forthcoming sophomore album titled "total life forever" and will be available in the u.s. digitally on may 11th.

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