want vs need

want is defined as:
a desire to possess or do something.

need is defined as:
to require something because it is necessary or very important.

i have a desire to possess this ring, BUT after much consideration i have come
to realize that it is in fact very important to me that i do.

so, i think i'm correct in concluding that i need it... right?

yeah, i'm pretty sure.

psst... hey family, my birthday is in 26 days :)


  1. saw this a few weeks ago... pretty flipping awesome.. right?!

    glad you found it... it's your color too!!

  2. where did you see it??
    i am in love with it. it is my color and i need it!!

  3. let me do a little back tracking... i saw it on one of my daily blog reads. I guess last time they were stocked they sold out and i saw on the post that they were available again...

    off i go... i'll let ya know.

  4. OK....
    here is the blog and post i spotted it at...


    ... but it links to the website you already found...

    I hope you find a way to get your teeny tiny fingers on it!! it's very you. Awesome ring!

  5. oh sweet! cool blog too, i'll have to add it to my reads. i didn't realize it had already been circulating the internet, my friend ali in new york sent it to me in an email and that was the first i'd seen it ;)

    i hope i get my teeny fingers on it too, though the fit will be a problem :( it's a 6 1/2... maybe i can wrpa tape around it or something ;)


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