... some merciless virus or bug of sorts has taken residence inside my body, bringing my immune system to it's knees. this in turn brings me to my knees. i never get sick. i've got the whole bad heart thing and i'm evidently allergic to everything on planet earth, except for, you ready for this...

german cockroaches.

if you're ever looking for someone to hang out in a cockroach infested joint in germany, i'm your girl.

so, the deal is i never get sick, i pay my dues with the other stuff. but yesterday i did start feeling sick and the feeling wasn't gone when i woke up this morning. i did not appreciate this. sickness, we are not friends just so ya know.

along with my energy, my ability to make rational decisions has been wiped out. i feel confident that on a regular day i have the capacity to avoid eating 1/4 cup of raw, minced garlic over steamed broccoli when i am well aware of the precarious state of my digestive system... but today was not a regular day. my brain is on vacation, except for that part of my brain that's reminding me incessantly of my aching back, throbbing sinuses and the monster cartwheeling through my large intestine, that part just got employee of the month.

i'm going to scoot my laptop off my lap now and curl into the smallest ball i possibly can until hurricane garlic exits my belly.


  1. feel better. that garlic she can bring me to my knees more than anyone i know!

  2. Oh I"m so familiar with that awful cartwheeling garlic!
    Feel better!

  3. I'm sick, sick, sick, too!! I never catch anything & am uber-allergic, too... my theory is all the new Santa Fe allergens kicked my immune system's ass & I am now paying the piper.
    So sorry... hope you feel better SOON.

  4. ick! feel better soon... and hurry up and get over this weird "garlic hurts me" thing, cause that's so not OK


    you have Mariner games and garlic fries to eat... it's that time of year and I can't imagine you not partaking!!!!


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