it's not really about the birds and the bees...

... it's about lots and lots of fried stuff with cheese!!!

this morning the squirrels were asking if i could have a baby. they really want a new baby around and practically everyone else we know is having or just had one... so we had this conversation:

6 year old: hey momma, are you gonna have any more babies?
me: nope, i have all the babies i need.
6 year old: but we reeeeaallly want to have a baby...
me: I know, it would be a lot of fun but i can't have any more babies.
3 year old: well, you know momma -- if you eat a lot a lot a lot of food, then your belly will get very very big and THEN you CAN have a new baby!!!
(if only you could've seen the excitement on her face after sharing her marvelous idea with me... it was a priceless moment)

so there you have it, how babies are actually made.
also, i've been crocheting more, this is a work in progress and another gift... i'll post more photos once it's done!!

i found this adorable tiny creature in my front yard this morning, hooray for spring time!!


  1. Hah! That's adorable! Kid-logic is pretty amazing and often amusing. But hey, I'm sure you could at least get behind the "eating a lot" part of it, yeah? ;o)

  2. Those hats are really beautiful. Wish I was gifted as you are..

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