caught a crochet bug...

our house is officially over the sickness, f i n a l l y! i never did narrow down the allergic reaction beyond the assumption that it was sulphites in the wine I had with dinner... people keep telling me "oh yeah, there's all kinds of different sulfites in different wines and lots of people have reactions to them..." never woulda known. but i'm glad it's over and my face looks like one from this planet again, yay for me!

so, the other day a friend at the squirrel's school got me all excited about crocheting, something i never really got too excited about doing before... and i present you my first ever finished crochet project, it's a baby gnome hat with earflaps!! this is a gift for someone with a wee one on the way... I hope she likes it. thank you rachel s. for inspiring me to crochet, it was lots of fun. and thank you buddha bookend for modeling, you were quite lovely to work with.


  1. OMG this turned out really nicely! I love your combination of crazy colors! =o)

  2. Those hats are fantastic! The shape, the color...perfect.

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