get down with the sickness...

... ooooh wah ah ah ah! (ok, I may be the only one who got that)

anyway, evil germs haven taken over our house and we cannot seem to get better... the laundry, the dishes, the social life, even the knitting is suffering from it. You'd think if you were cursed with illness or ill children at least you could still knit, but it really doesn't work like that.

a week and a half ago, I went to sleep feeling like my throat was swollen shut and woke up looking like this. not pretty. evidently I had experienced an allergic reaction to something I ate... not sure what. I went to the doctor and got a handle on the allergic reaction, but coincidently or consequently I woke up the next day with major flu-like symptoms that lasted f o r e v e r. my body hurt so much that I seriously couldn't knit! So I'm better now, but i have a sick squirrel and that is no fun either.

At one point during all the sickness, we traveled back to Salt Lake City to visit some family and while we were gone some of the coolest dudes we know (and they're family) stayed at the house... this was hanging over the kitchen doorway when we got back. Pretty sweet huh?!!


  1. Oh, I totally got that! Yay for Disturbed! Boo for all the real sickness. That's an excellent sign, too.

  2. Our cat can sound just like that song!

  3. just wondered if anyone figured out the allergy? I have an uncommon one that nobody seems to know much about in the US, but they have studied it extensively in the UK. Allergy to common things, mostly fruit, like citrus, apples, and such...allergy is in the soft palette and can be life threatening if it swells enough to close your airways. Depending on what they gave you for relief you can feel pretty beat up--I can give you some links if you think your allergy might be this...hope you feel better now....

  4. I nearly burst with laughter! They just played here this week and my daughter wanted me to go with her - lol

    Hope all is healthy & well now :)


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