who's got em???

Kinda can't stop thinking about the new addi clicks... so if you've got em, let us know what you think, and maybe how they compare to other interchangeable needles sets... they seem kind of perfect!
it just so happens that a number of my needles from a different interchangeable set are falling apart right now, i may actually need them!


  1. LOVE them!!! I had a different interchangeable set and the connectors and the cables started busting left and right, but so far I can see nothing wrong with the Clicks. The joins are great, the cable is really flexible, and it's an overall great knitting situation. One of the people I knit with did the math and when you take the number of needle configurations you can make into consideration with the cost of the set, it works out to be about 3 bucks per needle... so it's a value, too!

  2. If your other interchangeable needles come from where I work, give me a call and I can send you replacements for free. The Addi Clicks do look cool though.


  3. we have a shop-set over at twisted that you are more than welcome to fondle...

  4. I just broke down and got the Knitpicks Option set because I was having a hard time finding a shop or site that had the Addi Clicks in stock.

    I LOVE my knitpicks!!! In particular, I think the cables are so much more flexible. I am really glad that I opted for the Knitpicks and everyone I've talked to has said that the company is great about replacements should the need arise. At $59.99, I think you can't go wrong!!

  5. I love the knitpicks set - especially now they finally have cord connectors. Got put off the Addis when I saw what a small amount of cords there is in the set - and no connector.

    I have the Knitpicks set and have bought loads more tips since they introduced new sizes. Have only had a couple of slightly faulty ones and got replacements immediately.

    ps love your patterns


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