so my camera was in the shop f o r e v e r ! ! !

but it's back now and all is well with my world and i have some photos to share!!!
more birthday gnome hats. the first is for my littlest squirrel. she'll be 4 tomorrow & it suits her perfectly. the second is the finished hat i mentioned in the previous post. it was given to my uncle. he actually shares a birthday with the recipient of the tiny baby gnome hat mentioned 2 posts back.
these are so fun to make and even more fun to see people wear. i've got more birthdays coming up, which is good because i wanna make more!!


  1. Those hats are fantastic! The shape, the color...perfect. Could you please, point us to the patern?

  2. hello Olga! thank you so much!
    I didn't actually follow a pattern, just made them up as I went along. I'm very new to crocheting, and am no sure if I am even "technically" doing it correctly ;)

    I started with a few stitches at the top, and started crocheting in the round, increasing sort of randomly to get the desired shape. Then continued this until it was tall enough and the circumference was large enough to fit the head. Finally, I added some back and forth rows (5-7) across about 2/3 of the edge to make the ear/neck flap. I decreased one stitch at each edge to make it curve.

    I hope this is helpful! My favorite thing about crocheting (and why I've become so hooked on it recently) is how sculptural it is. I just kind of go for it and manipulate the stitches as I go to get the shape that I want. It's so fun!!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    thanks for the answer. Those hats are really beautiful. Wish I was gifted as you are. But I am pattern crafter, cause usually my artistic projects don't turn out so good. Anyway, thanks for the instructions. :)

  4. My favorite thing about crocheting is how sculptural it is.

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