we took a little drive...

... from portland to salt lake city, to visit my family.

so it was more than a little drive, nearly 800 miles more. but it was fun. we left around 11 pm and drove straight through the night so the squirrels could sleep. we arrived at my folks place around 10:30 am and everyone was still at work so we took a looooong nap and were ready to play by the time everyone got home. i didn't take many photos of our time there, but i did get these while jake was driving. they're in chronological order. {1} 5 am, somewhere between portland and slc. {2} 5:30 am, idaho is flaaaaaaat and dry. {3} brownies make you drive better. {4} semi truck. {5} more flat idaho and blue sky. {6}  road trip cuddlin' {7} mama takes a turn driving. {8} sleepy squirrel starting to wake. {9) pee stop! {10} stylish squirrel with attitude. {11} looks like idaho loves us. {12) 9 am, entering utah. {13} the wasatch front, moments from our destination.

it was a good trip, apart from the weather. every single day except the first and last was filled with rain and/or wind and/or thunder and lighting. so all of our fun outdoor summer-y plans were traded in for alternate indoor plans, but we still managed a few evenings out back around the fire and some rainy walks through the city. we thrifted a handful of treasures which i'll share soon and ate at the best mexican food cafe EVER! {mara's, on the corner of gentile and main street in layton, in case you're in the area} we got in 10 days of good family time and the squirrels played with their cousins every day until they ran out of energy. then last saturday night we loaded up the car and said our tearful goodbyes and made the drive back.

now we're home and we have 3 weeks to find a new place to live and get moved, yikes!! time to un-pack so we can re-pack everything.

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  1. So fun! Road trips are one of my favorite things.

    Welcome home though!! Portland thought you were gone too long.
    and good luck house hunting!


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