i can't stop...

... being cold. would give just about anything to feel warm for a minute.

... stressing majorly about not being able to find a suitable place to live and running out of time.

... not packing because i'm too worried about where we're going to be un-packing it all.

... singing jump (for my love) by the pointer sisters, in my head.

... eating these...

my new favorite snack. organic brown rice cake (lightly sea salted) topped with justin's maple almond butter (go buy this right now if you don't already have some. it is a magical food, get it!!) and organic strawberry preserves. so yummy i almost don't feel stressed. almost.


  1. Love the nail polish color and now I may be in need of a snack....

  2. Yummmm.
    (didn't see this sneaky post before) : )


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