this is me embracing autumn...

i already miss the heat of the sun and i hate being cold,
but i cut my bangs, changed my hair color, dug out all my scarves...

and i kinda can't wait for the trees to turn red.
ooh, and soup! i want to make and eat so much soup.


  1. Love the new look! Fall is a bit slower to reach my part of TX, so I will live vicariously through you....

  2. Love your hair!!! I've been debating the big bang too! It's just hair?

  3. thank you!!
    it is just hair ;) it's meant to be played around with! and at this length i can still tie my bangs back if i ever feel like going a day without them.

  4. We are on the same wavelength for soup cravings. we've been eating soup all week. ;)


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