i wore this...

... and didn't think anything of it until jake walked into the room
and gave me this barf-worthy, adoring look and said
"i'm so glad you wore that today."
so, i thought i'd have a little fun with it.

this was last week and i intended to post it then, but sweet d got sick
and it's been an "are we gonna end up in the hospital again roller coaster" ever since.
as of this morning i think she's on the mend, there are no words that do justice what a relief that is.
we're so ready to get life back to normal around here.

1 comment:

  1. hahahahhaha! How great is this? I say great!

    And even greater to hear that miss laney stuck her cute little thumb out the window to hitch a ride as far away as she could from the hospital! phew!!!


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