a perfect thursday =

my 3 favorite people + sunshine + climber + friends + hot lips + ecotrust.

we spent the afternoon and evening at an outdoor concert in nw portland, the last
in a series of outdoor summer shows at the portland ecotrust building.
we went for climber, and caught a surprise acoustic set by silversun pickups.
both bands were fantastic and we had such a good time. 

we soaked in the blue sky,
*photo by smelly cat

and laughed til we nearly peed!
*photo by smelly cat

we held hands,

and talked and talked and talked.
*photo by smelly cat

we were actors, the verrrry dramatic sort.

we were beautiful...

and happy...

and awesome.

*smelly is 5 and already knows her way around a camera. she's got an eye for composition and loves taking photos of everything around her. i love looking through her photos.


  1. sorry I was gone so long...you should have titled this 3 of my 4 favorite people...:) looks like you had an amazing day!! I love you to the sky and back and back...


  2. that last photo is my favorite, so great!


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