pirate radio

get it, watch it, love it.
great story, great actors, great style, great music and a well-made film
based on a true story which makes it even awesome-er.

i'm cleaning house like it's the cool thing to do today
because my mama's coming to visit tomorrow.
haven't seen her since october, we're very excited!!


  1. Oh hey Sarah! Thanks for stopping by my place and saying hey. I like your blog too! I like the greenish-yellowish color (is that chartreuse?) and the very-understated feel.
    Nice to meet you!


  2. this has been on ondemand forEVER! its about time i rented it! i've been meaning to and this post just decided for me! TONIGHT i shall watch it!!

  3. I loved this film - it got really bad reviews but I loved it!


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