let's pretend...

... i didn't disappear for nearly a month. this way i won't have to come up with a good excuse for my bad behavior.

i like this.

i don't like allergies.
any good tips and/or tricks and/or remedies for a gal suffering {seriously suffering} from allergies? i've considered head removal... seems like it'd do the trick.


  1. BOOO ALLERGIES! they are just the worst!
    and that video is too cute! i love it!

  2. I read somewhere that if you have Pollen allergies, you should try to find some local-made honey, and eat that; it will be made from the plants that have the pollens in your area, and will help reduce the reactions ...

  3. oh, that's a great idea!! I buy honey from a local free range bee farm which sounds like it would be perfect. I use it to wash my face, but will certainly give eating it a try.
    thanks so much for the tip!! :)


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