oh the rain...

... it got the better of me today (it's 6 pm and i'm still in ma jammies).

 BUT i got the better of the yarn. so at least there's that.

take that tiny tangle inducing tornado. 


  1. Ditto on the rain. But your yarn looks fun!

  2. Know exactly what you mean....
    I just feel like sipping more and more tea and never get up from the couch today. Gray and gray and gray and wet...

    Love this photo though. feels warm.

  3. your blog is so cute! i found it through chelsea!

  4. Hey Chickie, I have a band for you. Oh! Wild Birds. Maybe you'll love it like I do.

  5. Hi Sarah! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your patterns, wow! So awesome. And yeah, not many people know about the yarn garden tickets. you can fill one out every time you make a purchase. They always forget to tell people to do it at the register. enjoy the sun today!!


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