music monday presents...

... an oldie but a goodie.
i can't get enough of the song jolene (see music player on sidebar) the last few weeks, after hearing it in the film whip it
consequently my 4.98 year old squirrel can't get enough of whip it. she's asked for it as a birthday gift.
i will comply.
i've always had a certain fondness for dolly parton, grew up listening to her music. she's as sweet and petite as all get out. this is a ringtone on my cell phone that makes me smile every time i hear it. though i don't hear it too often lately... hint hint.


  1. Have you heard Mindy Smith's version of Jolene? I LOVE it. Dolly sings it with her. I'm glad you're feeling better!

  2. I haven't heard it, i'll go look it up now. I'm so excited you shared some music with me :)
    thank you!!!

  3. My almost 6yo girlchild LOVES whip-it too and want the two of us to join Rollerderby now!

  4. oh I LOVE WHIP IT! its one of my new favorite movies!
    and i love DOLLY PARTON. she is just so herself and herself is wonderful!
    love your blog!


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