the girl with the red shoes...

... that's me.

i wouldn't say red is one of my staple colors, but i would say that red is a delicious way to express a wee punch of color/surprise/interest/character in unexpected places. 

all of my most favorite shoes are red. including these darlings...
they've seen better days. i bought these ruby slippers something like 5 years ago for $7.
seven. dollars.
they've kept my trotters sort of warm and kinda dry-ish but entirely happy more days than any other shoes and i don't think i could ever let them go...

... but i'd sure like a pair of the hole-less variety.

like these lovelies from smartfish handmade footwear:
oh how i want to have them (in a size 7) for my very own.

you couldn't possibly find a shoe that would suit me better than these. they are handmade using local, sustainable materials, without the use of any adhesive and they're 100% vegan. even the soles are handmade, using natural latex and sawdust hand-poured into handmade molds. and get this, the lining is made from organic bamboo which is naturally breathable, odor-absorbing and anti-bacterial.



  1. Oh, your five-year-old shoes are so cool. I understand not wanting to part with them!

  2. oh my goodness we are such kindred spirits.. i have red polka dot shoes that are 4 years old that have holes galore and i still wear them!! CRAZINESS!

  3. ask and you shall receive!!


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