we are diaper free...

...and lovin every minute of it!

after no less than 7 straight days of absolute refusal to pee in the potty, (this is the part where i think my will to live may be on it's last leg) tyrone the last remaining zephyrlet to don the dreaded diaper is on day four of perfect potty trained bliss. not a single accident and no more diapers not even at bed time and we have a drawer full of little mermaid big girl panties to prove it!!!
Zephyrland is officially a diaper-free zone and no more diaper changing means that much more knitting time! Awe yeeeah!
edited to add: And, all that money we wont be spending on diapers anymore can go to buying more yarn!!!! ~thanks for the tip ana!


  1. YEAHHHHH! My little potty trained abotu 3 months ago and it was a relief! After 3 failed attempts she finally got it. Though I need your secret for night time PTing. She stil wears a diaper at night and I am so sick of washing them! We cloth diaper. She still wets A LOT at night! Oy!

    Happy dance for you!

  2. All that extra money can go towards yarn!!!


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