A big Night...

...in zephyrland!

last christmas i gave my mom a ball of scrumptious emerald green wool that would look ah-mazing with her dark red hair, a set of size 10 bamboo straight needles and a copy of stitch & bitch. this along with the promise that we would hang out and knit together so i could help her learn and she would get to call it our knit while we bitch night ;) well i'm a very busy gal and she is also a very busy gal and over the past almost year we've only managed to knit together a few times... isn't that just sad?! anyhow, she is a trooper and she started and has been knitting her first scarf all by herself and tonight i got this call:

sare: hello
mom: hey, i think i'm at the part where it's time to be done... cast off - is that what it's called?
sare: yes, that's what it's called... and hey that's great i'm so excited!!!
mom: so, is casting off something you can explain to me over the phone???
sare: well... maybe... we could give that a shot!
mom: k, i'm ready!
sare: ok, so first start by knitting two stitches like normal...so now you should have two stitches on your right hand needle, right?
mom: yep!
sare: ok, now slip the right-est stitch over the top of the left-est stitch and slip it off so now you only have one stitch on the right hand needle... did that work???
mom: it did, i think...
sare: ok, now knit one more stitch like regular so you have 2 stitches on the right hand needle again and do it all over again...
mom: (slight pause followed the most excited i think i've ever heard her sound) oh my gosh. i'm doing it. it's working. I. Cannot. Beleive this is Happening. Right. Now!!!!
sare: (thinking) PRICELESS!!!

i will post a photo of her scarf as soon as i can get my hands on one!


  1. I remember that feeling. Wait...I still get that feeling everytime I knit.

  2. awwww...I'm so happy for your little Mom!

    (I suppose she will now be banging those scarves out like nobody's business)

    Yea for Mom!!!!


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