i'm leaving, on a jet plane...

...and if i had it my way, i wouldn't be back again!

I'll soon be off to visit rachel and this trip is going to be a little different from our past visits... let's catch you up, shall we?!?
As most of you know, there are two of us girls, the rachel one of us lives in oregon and the sarah one of us (that's me) lives in utah. for more than 5 years this distance has been making us sad. we fly out to visit each-other a lot and we've been cooking up crazy plans to get back in the same city, or at least the same state, since the day i moved away. well crazy cooked up plans are no longer needed, the day has come... it's true, after years of not being particularly patient (because neither of us are particularly patient sort of gals) i am going home.

this coming weekend i wont only be visiting my dearest friend, i'll be visiting my new (but rather old) house!!! can you stand it, because we can't... i think we're both moments away from our heads bursting right off our shoulders!!!
look out portland, the zephyr girls will be back in the same city by christmas! we'll be just minutes away from each other's front doors, it doesn't get much better than this folks!!!
oh wait, yes it does - our kids will get to play together now and we'll never miss another birthday party and we wont have to ship christmas presents and we can watch grey's anatomy and friends re-runs together and have tea together (iced for me hot for rach) and we can SHOP and WE CAN KNIT TOGETHER, WE'LL FINALLY BE ABLE TO KNIT TOGETHER AGAIN, and boy will we ever knit - we're gonna knit until our tushies have taken the shape of the sofa cushions!!!

so off i go an a jet plane for one of the last trips i'll have to take from here to there. we'll get the keys to our new house and start to make plans for all the furniture that will be arriving when we move for good in december. if i didn't have to go back i wouldn't, but we've got some loose ends to tie-up and a little more patience to muster-up, then in 9 weeks and 4 days it will all be worth it and until then I'll be visiting my house and my friend as often as i can!!!


  1. great news for you guys and great news for us! i see many more zephyr style patterns in our future which i personally am looking forward to. but then again i am currently knitting all zephyr all the time and especially with the greys...tree jacket and the dueling juliets! love them both!

  2. You gals are too cute. This only means more patterns to come for us! We'll be waiting....:)


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