and the winners are...

... Jillian Neary for sending us a beautiful photo of her Recently completed Wicked -and- Femiknitter for leaving a wonderful comment! CONGRATS!!!

Yikes, it was really hard to only pick two names out of the hat... we just wanted to keep drawing more and more out of there! Thank you all for participating, this was a good first contest.

We will be spending this weekend together in portland searching for the perfect loot to send to our two winners... you should receive your goodies sometime next week!!! Yipee!!!

One last thing... please keep sending in photos if you haven't done so yet or if you knit something else that you'd like us to add - the more the better!!!


  1. Get OUT!! This made my day! Thank you so much for running this contest :)

  2. Wow, I can't believe I won! I never win anything--thank you so much!


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