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ohey, it's my birthday month and i get almost the whole thing to plan/celebrate. it's not til the twenty-ninth that i stop being twenty-nine and start being twenty-ten. i'm feeling pretty good about this upcoming change of age. many-a-people i think quite highly of turned/are turning thirty this year, plus i keep hearing all over the place that your thirties are way better your twenties. so i'm not stressing or panicking or doing anything drastic, but i do plan on celebrating as much as possible!


  1. That peach dress is amazing! Also, all of my friends in their 30s agree with that sentiment, that it is better than their 20s. I still have a couple of years to go, but I'm not scared either :)

  2. I will be forty ten....that sounds so much worse than twenty ten....seems like just yesterday you were TEN. We will have to commemorate the way we did for our 20/40 birthdays....with NEW INK!! Probably in June when you are here for your sisters nuptials!! :)

  3. Ok, I'm dying for that peach dress. It's incredible! Xo


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